The Tavernist, the fearless culinary explorer, sets off on an adventure to the mysterious kingdom of Morocco.

Renowned for its enchanting tales of “”One Thousand and One Nights,”” unforgettable love stories depicted in movies like “”The Spy Who Loved Me,”” and being the everlasting inspiration for fashion icon Yves Saint Laurent, Morocco holds countless charms that captivate the hearts of all who visit.

Located in North Africa, bridging Europe and bordered by the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, Morocco’s complex geographical position and historical background have given rise to a diverse culture. From the indigenous Berber people to the once mighty Arab dynasties and the influences of French and Spanish colonial powers, this fusion of cultures has created a kaleidoscope of exotic allure.

This summer, our culinary director, James Sharman, will unveil the rich tapestry of Moroccan culture through a series of delectable and exquisite dishes, showcasing the harmonious blend of multiple culinary traditions.

In many cities across Morocco, there are intricately woven “”Medina,”” ancient city centers enclosed by walls, which preserve a way of life reminiscent of centuries past. It becomes difficult to distinguish the boundaries of time and space.

Witness how our adventurous chef, James Sharman, uses culinary delights to portray the sensory overload experienced within the captivating medinas of Morocco.

Moroccan cuisine is renowned for its rich and aromatic spices, with its culinary core focused on harmonizing and balancing flavors among the ingredients.

The combination of succulent seafood and the aroma of charcoal grilling, enhanced by the green harissa sauce and preserved lemons, creates a harmonious and mellow taste that evokes the refreshing atmosphere of Morocco’s seaside paradise, such as the enchanting town of Essaouira.

Gentle Mediterranean breezes carry the scent of citrus, wafting towards Morocco.

When tangy and sweet Mediterranean oranges meet traditional Moroccan bastilla, what kind of culinary sparks will our adventurous chef ignite?

In a three-week journey through Morocco, the most adventurous chef James Sharman leaves behind familiar culinary techniques and knowledge to immerse himself in Morrocan culture. He embarks on a quest to learn about the iconic dishes that have been popular in the North African region for centuries: “Tangia” and “Handmade Couscous.”

Join us as we explore the evocative imagery of “Lamb Tangia” with “Handmade Couscous” and discover the essence of North Africa.

Dwaz Atay is a small snack served to locals in Morocco between lunch and dinner, and it is considered a cherished time for gathering. It is typically enjoyed with tea and local snacks.

To warmly welcome our adventurous gourmets, The Tavernist presents a royal tea experience, reminiscent of the nobility of Morocco. Accompanied by delicately carved gazelle horn pastries and orange-cinnamon ice cream, this serves as the grand finale of our Moroccan journey.

The Tavernist Down South

“ I’ve always believed traveling and cooking go hand in hand like nothing else and this trip to Ping Tung really proved that. It was an incredible experience and what we’ve learned from Yang Mama has just been so special and for her to take her time to show them to us would be something we’ll never forgot.”

Time to Rock n’ Roll. Discover a whole new world hidden in the mountains of Ping Tung Taiwu Village with James Sharman’s brand new dishes inspired by all the flavors and experiences in Pingtung.

The Adventures of the Tavernist

Always at the core of Sharman’s work is to deliver a true and approachable representation of the surrounding landscape, hence from the simplest to the noblest, we work closely with Taiwan’s organic movement, local farmers and food producer in order to bring true flavors of freshness into life. Therefore, from our refreshing and light a la carte breakfast to colorful and nutritious lunches, or hearty filling mains with indulgent dessert, the Tavernist fulfill and appeal the tongues of gastronomist from all walks of life.

The Tavernist on Mission

Prepare for another fearless adventure with James Sharman and his team.
Follow them to Keelung Kanziding Fish Market and stay tuned of what surprising delicacies they have to offer.